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The Emerging Leaders Council comprises of millennials with the skills, talents, commitment and passion to lead our state and country. Millennial leaders are poised to bring a new style of leadership that will transform our communities and the current political climate. It is our mission to train them well, and let them lead when and where they can make the greatest impact. 

We are committed to providing our next wave of civic and political leaders with the roadmap to success, by learning how to get elected and serve responsibly through ethical training workshops. We want to host interactive sessions and promote thought-provoking dialogue of topics catered to progressive college students and young adults with an interest in public service.

We recognize the lack of succession planning we've done as a community, by not training and developing, motivating and engaging millennials to take lead and run for office. So, we are committed and dedicated to supporting millennials with the resources, training and development, financial backing to become civically engaged citizens, community leaders and elected officials.

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